Vegetarieni faimosi: Alphonse De Lamartine

The French poet Lamartine (1790-1869) denounces the slaughter of animals for food as a „shameful human infirmity.” Raised by a progressive mother influenced by Pythagorean dietetics and Rousseau’s Emile, Lamartine’s boyhood was vegetarian. Although, like Seneca, he eventually „complied” with the culinary ‘rules of society,” he never forgot nor renounced his mother’s belief that carnivorism is „one of those curses cast upon man either by his fall or… his own perversity.” The cruelty of animal slaughter is a constant theme in Lamartine’s subsequent poetry, as is his insistence, as he says in his 1838 poem ”La Chute d’un Ange,” that „Le plus beau don de l’homrne, c’est la Misericorde.”

Walters, Kerry S., Ethical Vegetarianism: from Pythagoras to Peter Singer, State University of New York Press, NY, 1999, p.77


~ de Alexandra pe iunie 28, 2010.

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